(41) Playa San Juan Clifftop Trail Return (Guia de Isora)

Route Summary
You are sure to enjoy this short walk above the cliffs at Playa San Juan. There are fine coastal views and of the mountains. You can visit a ruined building in a rocky cove and, near the end, the large “Alcaraván” sculpture on the headland overlooking the bay at Playa San Juan.

Duration: 1.5 hours. Continue reading “(41) Playa San Juan Clifftop Trail Return (Guia de Isora)”

(39) Las Eras-Acantilados de La Hondura Circular (Fasnia)

Route Summary
A short but probably bracing walk along the wind-blown cliffs north of Las Eras in the east coast area. This is an area of scientific interest, most notably for the rare and endangered sea pineapple plant. There are great sea views, and of the mountain areas above Fasnia.

Duration: 2 hours Continue reading “(39) Las Eras-Acantilados de La Hondura Circular (Fasnia)”

(36) Montaña Sámara and Volcanoes Circular Walk (National Park)

Route Summary
Readily accessible from the south of the island, this short circular walk offers tremendous views of the west coast, open pine forests, Mount Teide, Pico Viejo, solidified rivers of lava, and other volcanic structures.

Duration: 2.5 hours

(This is National Park Sendero 13) Continue reading “(36) Montaña Sámara and Volcanoes Circular Walk (National Park)”

(22) Alcalá – Punta Blanca Return (Guia de Isora)

Route Summary
A short and very pleasant walk along the coast from the plaza in Alcalá to Punta Blanca where the high Los Gigantes cliffs form just one part of the wonderful panorama that unfolds.

Duration: 1.5 hours (return) Continue reading “(22) Alcalá – Punta Blanca Return (Guia de Isora)”

(21) Montaña Pelada Crater Walk (Granadilla)

Route Summary
3A short walk up to and around a large volcanic crater on the coast east of El Médano. Mostly very easy but with a steep initial ascent and final descent.

Duration: 1.5 hours Continue reading “(21) Montaña Pelada Crater Walk (Granadilla)”

(05) Barranco de Chijas Return (Arona)

Barranco de Chijas (Arona)

Route Summary

main-summaryThis short, there and back, walk into the depths of Barranco de Chijas from Valle de San Lorenzo provides a fascinating insight into the traditional means of supplying water to the island. Some rough rock scrambling involved.

Duration: About 2.5 hours. Continue reading “(05) Barranco de Chijas Return (Arona)”

(03) Casa del Ancon Circular (Arona)

Route Summary

5-roque-del-condo-signpostsThis short circular walk from Arona is very scenic, with reminders of rural life in previous times.

About 1.5 hours. Continue reading “(03) Casa del Ancon Circular (Arona)”