(41) Playa San Juan Clifftop Trail Return (Guia de Isora)

Route Summary
You are sure to enjoy this short walk above the cliffs at Playa San Juan. There are fine coastal views and of the mountains. You can visit a ruined building in a rocky cove and, near the end, the large “Alcaraván” sculpture on the headland overlooking the bay at Playa San Juan.

Duration: 1.5 hours. Continue reading “(41) Playa San Juan Clifftop Trail Return (Guia de Isora)”

(40) El Varadero-Arena-Puerto Santiago Return (Guia de Isora/Santiago del Teide)

Route Summary
This easy walk allows you to get to know the pretty and popular coastal area between El Varadero and Puerto Santiago. There are good views of La Gomera and the Los Gigantes cliffs.

Duration: 2 hours. Continue reading “(40) El Varadero-Arena-Puerto Santiago Return (Guia de Isora/Santiago del Teide)”

(39) Las Eras-Acantilados de La Hondura Circular (Fasnia)

Route Summary
A short but probably bracing walk along the wind-blown cliffs north of Las Eras in the east coast area. This is an area of scientific interest, most notably for the rare and endangered sea pineapple plant. There are great sea views, and of the mountain areas above Fasnia.

Duration: 2 hours Continue reading “(39) Las Eras-Acantilados de La Hondura Circular (Fasnia)”

(34) Amarilla Golf-Los Erales-Guargacho Circular (San Miguel)

Route Summary
This route from Amarilla Golf is mostly on open ground with good views. The walk starts and finishes amidst green fairways before entering a wild landscape with eroded rock formations and volcanic cones. A diversion to Guargacho, and a visit to the beach are included in this very varied walk.

Duration: 3.5 hours. Continue reading “(34) Amarilla Golf-Los Erales-Guargacho Circular (San Miguel)”

(31) Callao Salvaje-Punta del Cangrejo Circular (Adeje)

Route Summary
A moderately demanding, calf-stretching circular coastal hike with some interesting sights and great views along the way, alongside an appreciation of the industries that have often been abandoned in the south of Tenerife in the wake of mass tourism.

Duration: 4.5 hours Continue reading “(31) Callao Salvaje-Punta del Cangrejo Circular (Adeje)”

(28) Las Galletas-Punta Salema-El Fraile Circular (Arona)

Route Summary
A fine coastal walk to the most southern point on Tenerife, with an interesting diversion to the settlement of El Fraile, and a great opportunity to appreciate the many attractions of seaside town, Las Galletas.

Duration: 2.5 hours. Continue reading “(28) Las Galletas-Punta Salema-El Fraile Circular (Arona)”

(24) Las Maretas – Tajao Return (Arico)

Route Summary
Pretty bays and fascinating rock formations stand out in this short there and back route to the culinary hot-spot of Tajao on the south-east coast.
Duration: 2 hours. Continue reading “(24) Las Maretas – Tajao Return (Arico)”