(55) Villa de Arico-Teguedite Circular (Arico)

Route Summary
A short circular walk from the interesting old town of Villa de Arico on an old Camino Real and on minor roads. It provides an intimate experience of rural activity around an old Canarian hill town. Great views of wide-open landscapes too.

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(53) Tajao-Barranco de Vijigua (Arico)

Route Summary
This short walk is based in the pleasant fishing village of Tajao, set within striking and unusual rock formations between El Medano and La Jaca on the east coast. At a mid-point in the walk there is a very large and evocative stone arch. Tremendous coastal views.

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(27) Arico Viejo-Lomo De Tamadaya Circular (Arico)

Route Summary
A walk into wonderfully wild countryside, quite steep in places. Tremendous views, particularly if the skies are clear.


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(24) Las Maretas – Tajao Return (Arico)

Route Summary
Pretty bays and fascinating rock formations stand out in this short there and back route to the culinary hot-spot of Tajao on the south-east coast.
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(13) Arico Nuevo-La Sabinita Circular (Arico)

Route Summary

25-end-of-walkFrom the old-world charm of Arico Nuevo through a landscape of golden stone, rural terraces, and wild barrancos. This walk has so much going for it!

Duration: 2.5 to 3 hours.

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(10) Poris to Punta de Abona Lighthouse (Arico)

Route Summary
10-looking-back-from-trig-pointA short coastal walk from Poris to the lighthouse at Punta de Abona.

Duration: 2 to 2.5 hours. Continue reading “(10) Poris to Punta de Abona Lighthouse (Arico)”