(100) Valle de Arriba-Vaguada de los Ovejeros Circular (Santiago del Teide)

Route Summary
A relatively strenuous but highly recommended half-day hike in the hills above Valle de Arriba. With lots of rural interest along the way, there are tremendous views of the Teno Mountains and Teide in the first half, later giving way to glimpses of the North of the island.

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(94) Chirche-Sendero Tagara Circular (Guia de Isora)

Route Summary
This is quite a strenuous half-day excursion in the hills above the SW coast, rewarded by great wide-open views. Initially, the route traverses 8 barrancos on the path to El Jaral. It then ascends steeply, offering more scenic opportunities before dropping back to pretty Chirche.

Duration: 4 hours Continue reading “(94) Chirche-Sendero Tagara Circular (Guia de Isora)”

(93) Las Lajas-Cañada del Sombrero Circular (Adeje/Vilaflor)

Route Summary
A very scenic walk in the pine forest beneath the rim of the Teide Caldera. Roque del Almendro and El Sombrero de Chasna tower above you for significant sections of the route. If you are feeling energetic, there is an optional diversion to the peak of El Sombrero de Chasna.

Duration: 3 hours Continue reading “(93) Las Lajas-Cañada del Sombrero Circular (Adeje/Vilaflor)”

(91) Arona-Las Casas-Altavista-La Hondura-Tunéz Circular (Arona)

Route Summary
This is an enjoyable walk in the rural landscape above the historic town of Arona. A fairly steep ascent of 350 m is followed by a level traverse with wonderful views down to the coast. An ancient shrine kicks off a very scenic descent through terraced farmland.

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(90) Los Poleos-Chinyero Circular (Santiago del Teide)

Route Summary
This is a moderate walk in a unique natural environment where life flourishes despite the depredations of fairly recent volcanic eruptions and forest fires. There are great views of Montaña Chenyero, El Teide and Pico Viejo along the way.

Duration: 3 hours Continue reading “(90) Los Poleos-Chinyero Circular (Santiago del Teide)”

(87) Los Cristianos-Mesas de Guaza Circular (Arona)

Route Summary
This is a deceptively energetic hike, with many ups and downs, giving an overall ascent of 400+ m over 8.2 km. Since Los Cristianos is one of the sunniest parts of Tenerife, it makes a good choice, giving clear, open views, when the higher areas of the island are under cloud.

Duration: 4 hours Continue reading “(87) Los Cristianos-Mesas de Guaza Circular (Arona)”

(86) El Roque-Monte Cho Pancho Circular (San Miguel)

Route Summary
One of our longer walks, with an overall ascent of 528 m, offering marvellous open views, the route provides an excellent insight into the history of this still very productive area. The Cho Pancho recreational site provides the opportunity for a very pleasant mid-hike break.

Duration: 4.5 hours Continue reading “(86) El Roque-Monte Cho Pancho Circular (San Miguel)”

(83) Tamaimo-Puerto Santiago Linear (Santiago del Teide)

Route Summary
This walk is mostly downhill, especially in the first half, taking the old rural pathway from Tamaimo. The second part of the walk provides a short tour of Los Gigantes and Puerto Santiago, taking in some of the best viewpoints in the linked holiday resorts.

Duration: 3.5 hours. Continue reading “(83) Tamaimo-Puerto Santiago Linear (Santiago del Teide)”

(81) Chio-Arguayo Circular (Guia de Isora/Santiago del Teide)

Route Summary
The walk heads uphill out of Chio into open forest on an old camino. On a good day there are stunning views of the island of La Gomera. The descent towards the interesting village of Arguayo is pretty. The lower level return route allows great views of the south-western coast.

Duration: 3.5 hours Continue reading “(81) Chio-Arguayo Circular (Guia de Isora/Santiago del Teide)”

(80) La Quinta-Fonte de Aponte Circular (Adeje)

Route Summary
With an overall ascent of 450 m this is an energetic hike, climbing through pine forest to the site of the abandoned water source at Fuente de Aponte in a delightful wooded barranco. The descent, in open countryside, provides the opportunity for great views in all directions.

Duration: 3.5 hours Continue reading “(80) La Quinta-Fonte de Aponte Circular (Adeje)”

(79) Montaña Samara-Cuevas Negras Circular (National Park)

Route Summary
This walk in an amazing volcanic landscape is readily accessible from the southern resorts. It offers tremendous views of the Teno mountains, the islands of La Gomera and La Palma, open pine forests, Mount Teide, Pico Viejo, solidified rivers of lava and volcanic vents/caves.

Duration: 3.75 hours Continue reading “(79) Montaña Samara-Cuevas Negras Circular (National Park)”

(78) La Jaca-La Listada-Abades Return (Arico)

Route Summary
On a bright day there are great coastal and mountain views on this “there and back” route from little known east-coast settlement of La Jaca to the popular seaside town of Abades. The paths can be very rough and the steep ups and downs, in places, are a test of stamina.

Duration: 4 hours Continue reading “(78) La Jaca-La Listada-Abades Return (Arico)”