(26) Cabo Blanco – La Camella Circular (Arona)

Route Summary
An interesting town and country walk, with some marvellous views, in a well-populated residential area close to the Southern resorts.

Duration: 3 hours.




Route Overview
Duration: 3 hours
Transport/Parking: Titsa 416/418 from Los Cristianos. Parking in Cabo Blanco.
Length: 7.570 km / 4.73 mi
Height Gain: 249 meter
Height Loss: 249 meter
Max Height: 353 meter
Min Height: 247 meter
Surface: Rough, outwith the two towns.
Child Friendly: No, but see note, below.
Difficulty: Moderate.
Dog Friendly: No, but see note, below.
Refreshments: Options in Cabo Blanco and La Camella.

This circular walk provides an interesting and enjoyable contrast between the streets of Cabo Blanco and La Camella, and the wild countryside surrounding Roque Higara and Roque Chijafe. Cabo Blanco and La Camella are often driven through but this walk provides an opportunity to get to know them on two feet – always a good idea! Along the way, there are great views of Montaña Guaza, Los Cristianos, Roque del Conde/Arona, Roque Vento, Roque de Jama, Valle de San Lorenzo.

Note: There is a short section of this walk which, although it provides superb views, may not be to every walker’s taste. The path becomes very narrow and irregular, with a drop on the left-hand side. This short section of the walk can be easily avoided, as explained in the guide at Waypoint 11.

Photos from walk
Download Route Guide  (PDF with illustrated Waypoints)
Download GPX file  (GPS Exchange Format)
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