(60) Parador-Sanatorio Return (National Park)

Route Summary
Mostly on rough roads, with easy ascents and descents, this return walk provides fascinating and often awe-inspiring landscapes in all directions. At the mid-point we visit the closed-up and intriguing El Sanatorio buildings hidden away in the middle of the National Park.

Duration: 3 hours.


Route Overview
Duration: 3 hours.
Transport/Parking: Titsa 342 from Los Cristianos. One daily service, outward in morning, return in afternoon. Check current schedule for times. Parking by the church near to the Parador.
Length: 9.510 km / 5.94 mi
Height Gain: 216 meter
Height Loss: 216 meter
Max Height: 2214 meter
Min Height: 2131 meter
Surface: Mostly good, on unpaved roads maintained by the National Park authority.
Child Friendly: Yes, but only if children are used to hiking this distance.
Difficulty: Easy.
Dog Friendly: No. Dogs are not allowed in the National Park.
Refreshments: At the Parador’s cafe. Not cheap.

Despite just being within our 10 km limit, this walk provides a gentle introduction to walking in the Teide National Park. Setting out from the Parador hotel, the route skirts the base of the southern end of the Caldera rim, dominated by the bulk and striking cliff-faces of Montaña Guajara. Here there are successions of bold and fascinating rock formations close to the track, with a dizzying array of metallic colours and eroded shapes. Although surrounded by high mountains, your eye cannot help but be drawn to the towering cone of Pico Teide and its close neighbours – Pico Viejo and Montaña Blanca. The turning point of the walk is an intriguing collection of buildings at a mid-point in the volcanic plain between Teide and Guajara. The main set are named El Sanatorio, intended as a location to treat patients with lung problems, but never operational. See the story here – https://goo.gl/CXBHET. On the final section of the return leg there are great views down over the Parador to the iconic Roques de Garcia. This walk follows sections of the National Park routes 4 and 16.

Photos from walk
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