Walks Blog – Oct 2016

Fantastic Sunset
Sun setting over the north-west coast of Tenerife tonight …  
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/uiAL1U , 31st October, 2016







Sculpture Trail
We’ve got a couple of these fascinating sculptures still to check out …!  
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/zhNwUv , 31st October, 2016


The Pool of the Pine
After one or two false start (!)… our walking route took us to Charco del Pino and Montaña Chiñama today. It was perfect walking weather …  
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/nnimVM , 30th October, 2016







Viviendas Vacaciones
2Strolling around the southern hill town of Charco del Pino today we came across the unusual sight of an officially registered holiday home (Vv – for Viviendas Vacaciones). Most holiday lets outside tourist complexes are illegal here, and now the government, under pressure from hotel organisations, is chasing hard to fine offending owners large sums of money! I believe it is very difficult to meet the conditions of the “Vv” registration process, but this very attractive looking house clearly has …  
1Facebook post: https://goo.gl/yBZGAJ , 30th October, 2016







Calm Mar
3After the excitement of dolphin-watching on our doorstep in Silencio this morning, a walk around peaceful Palm Mar …  
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/ASqmuJ , 29th October, 2016






Family Time
Thanks Karen and Eric Ewen. We really enjoyed showing you around last week. And, that sure was a special meal at Habibi Lebanese restaurant in Los Cris … back to “auld claes and tatties” now, though, for all of us …  
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/SmoAzc , 29th October, 2016





Snow White on Teide
4As this spell of intermittent heavy showers across the island continues, even the south face of El Teide has gained a mantle of white … !  
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/fRjgGt , 27th October, 2016






Credit: Puerto News & Views

Weather Fronts to the Foreshore
We’re in the midst of a series of “polar weather fronts” affecting the Canaries, causing some brief (so far) spells of heavy rain, extremely rough seas in the North, and lowered temps. Mind you, it’s all relative, 22.5°C at present in Puerto de la Cruz and sunny, as you can see …  
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/4JUvaP , 27th October, 2016



Los Cris Curry Night
Last night. Drinks on E & K’s beautiful balcony followed by a delish curry and a glass or two of vino tinto. What’s not to like …  
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/jpVaK1 , 25th October, 2016









Wet, Wet, Wet!
When a dry Barranco becomes very, very wet! Barranco de Santos runs down from La Laguna through Santa Cruz to the sea. Apparently around 40 mm of rain fell within about an hour in the La Laguna area this afternoon … “downpour” doesn’t quite cover it …!  
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/Ik4yGw , 25th October, 2016







A Smear o’ Sna
A smear of snow on the northern side of El Teide this morning! Since we’re talking upwards of 12,000 feet, no need for winter woollies down on the coast … quite yet …!  
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/5KvQ5D , 25th October, 2016







K9 Visit for Karen
The K9 crew took my sister-in-law for some walks today. They were delighted to find she was a soft touch with the treats …!  
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/gfdhfw , 24th October, 2016










West Coast Blooms
Plants and flowers catching my eye today in Playa de San Juan …  
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/XZJHnp , 16th October, 2016











Shining San Miguel de Abona

6The skies over San Miguel today definitely showed signs of a storm on its way. The old town still shone though …!  
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/72Hse7 , 15th October, 2016






It’s Prickly Man!
7So we tried ripe prickly pear for the first time today. They were yum. Quite difficult to handle though ….   
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/ZY0ZPS , 15th October, 2016






Hidden Hoya
Today we took the old stony road from San Miguel to the Fuente (spring) de Tamaide and came across the tiny hamlet of Caserio de la Hoya. Apparently it was the first Spanish settlement in the area in the early part of the 16thC, pre-dating S8an Miguel itself. As well as having good natural resources, it is hidden from the coast and so could not be spotted by pirates …!   
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/zorL4L , 15th October, 2016






Tamaide Springs
It was Fuente de Tamaide for today’s walk. It’s 300 metres up and was quite cloudy and relatively cool today. Good for walking though …!  
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/5zgphY , 15th October, 2016









The Silence of the Goats
9Spotted this marauding goat gang whilst on a bike run in Silencio this morning … time to lock up your patio pot plants …!
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/Ei0nbs , 14th October, 2016




Beatles on the Beach
10Clearly not your typical sun worshippers, even for 1963! And no, John Lennon wasn’t taking the photos, he just wasn’t there …! Apparently, they were on holiday in Puerto de la Cruz through a link to their Hamburg days. A German friend’s father was building a villa in the Puerto area. Seemingly, Paul nearly drowned off the Martianez beach, which is notorious for it’s crashing surf and rip tides? This is how Paul described the incident – “I got washed out further and further away. I yelled for help but those blighters on the beach just didn’t seem to hear anything at all. Sure, it seems quite funny now, especially when I tell you that I nearly came to blows with George and Ringo when I did finally get myself back on shore.”  …
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/aClbv0 , 14th October, 2016


The Old Royal Road
So yesterday we drove to San Miguel, took GuaGua 416 to Granadilla and then walked a gentle(ish) descent back to San Miguel via the old Camino Real road …  
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/Z3zEOA , 9th October, 2016







La Casa Granero de Vino Vieje
11One of our stopping off points today on the Camino Real built in the 1500’s to connect the northern cities of Santa Cruz and La Laguna with the little emerging farming communities of the Southern Highlands. The commercial load-carriers in those days were donkeys and mules, and the stony path is hard going on the old walking sandals! The foundations for this old farmhouse were apparently laid down sometime in the 16th Century …
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/Z3zEOA , 9th October, 201612







Time-out Time
13Natasha taking Alison for a wee wander … happy smiles on the dusty trail …  
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/vfFqP6 , 6th October, 2016









Photo Shoots in Puerto
14Taoro Park in Puerto de la Cruz was looking good this morning. This area of the park is popular for wedding and confirmation photos. Easy to see why …  
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/jJknLm , 6th October, 2016









Season of Mists and …
15Serious rain in el Norte tonight! Keeping it green and lush though … and the pears are almost ready …!







Facebook post: https://goo.gl/2jBAkK , 5th October, 2016


Cat Consternation!
She wasn’t meant to see that …  
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/OCQQnL , 3rd October, 2016





Sunshine Serendipity
17On an untypically cloudy day here in El Sur, we found a sunny spot for our walk. With mighty waves crashing onto a sparkling Tejita beach, we headed up and around the shoulder of Montana Roja (Red Mountain) to the Punta del Bocinegro on the other side, facing El Medano. Some great views along the way, and intriguing evidence of former industrial and agricultural activity in this unlikely spot …   
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/oc4214 , 2nd October, 2016




Red Mountain
We headed east to El Médano area today and walked Playa de La Tejita, around Montaña Roja, to Montaña Bocinegro and back. It was beautiful …  
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/1H948R , 2nd October, 2016








From a Distance
The first NASA satellite photo is from a few days ago showing a fairly typical day’s cloud cover on Tenerife. The second shows how it was yesterday. A very different story …  

Facebook post: https://goo.gl/dWJwao , 2nd October, 2016







Morning Glory
18Early this morning at Amarilla Bay. We feel lucky to have this on our doorstep …
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/B1GKvu , 1st October, 2016







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