(29) Tijoco Bajo-Vera de Erques Circular (Adeje/ Guia de Isora)

Route Summary
A tough but rewarding walk up the edge of the wild and wonderful Barranco de Erques to the charming village of Vera de Erques, then back to the tidy little Canarian settlement of Tijico Bajo.
Duration: 4.5 hours




Route Overview
Duration: 4.5 hours
Transport/Parking: Titsa 460 from Adeje. Parking in Tijoco Bajo.
Length: 9.630 km / 6.02 mi
Height Gain: 619 meter
Height Loss: 619 meter
Max Height: 845 meter
Min Height: 381 meter
Surface: Very rough, in places.
Child Friendly: Only if used to arduous hiking.
Difficulty: Moderately hard, to hard
Dog Friendly: Yes.
Refreshments: A small number of cafes/bars in Tijico Bajo and Vera de Erques.


On the border between the Adeje and Guia de Isora council areas, this is a demanding hike with an unrelenting and considerable ascent (overall height gain of 630 metres/ 2,067 feet) on a very rough and stony path. For the ordinary walker, this has to be edging into the harder end of the spectrum. To compensate, there are some amazing views of the undoubtedly spectacular Barranco de Erques, Montaña Tejina, La Gomera, and the western slopes of West Tenerife as a whole. The quaint little hamlets that make up the mountain village of Vera de Erques (845 m), separated by little barrancos, are also a joy to behold. The flowers and vegetables there were in glowing health and abundance when we visited. Also, in mid April, the path for this hike was still embroidered by a delightful array of wild flowers all the way. However, it’s clear that the grasses were calling it as day, drying out to wispy brown as the warmth of Spring had started to give way to Summer heat. Overall, well worth the effort for the willing walker!

Photos from walk
Download Route Guide  (PDF with illustrated Waypoints)
Download GPX file  (GPS Exchange Format)
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