Walks Blog – Aug 2016


Around and About in Arona

We took a wee trip up into the hills to Arona today – the main town in the municipality. It’s a small place but administrative centre for some of the main tourist areas in the south (Los Cristianos and parts of Playa de las Americas) …    
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/BVNCiz , 27th August, 2016











Schools Out
The primary school (centro educativo infantil primaria) in Arona. Listed on the gates for each year – infants to year 6 – are details of which text books and stationery mums and dads need to buy for the new school year. And a lovely wee sign saying they are “Closed for holidays. Back 1st September. Sorry for the inconvenience.”    
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/mZ4L2h , 27th August, 2016







Alison Attempts the Golf, At “The Golf”
So, for the first time ever, I hit a few balls at Amarilla Golf’s driving range today. That was a few less balls than I attempted to hit you will understand … respect to my golfing friends … it’s just a little bit harder than I had thought. There’s a lot to remember it seems….flex knees, parallel V’s on the grip, interlock or overlap(?), weight transference, straight(ish) left arm, tilt head slightly to the right….wtf?! Time for the nineteenth hole I think …    
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/nAvp2y , 26th August, 2016


From a Distance …
Here is a satellite view of the island from yesterday showing a not uncommon difference between North and South due to “clouds of evolution” developing during the day caused by the moist NE Trade Winds (“Alisios”) cooling on the heights of the northern coast. Using the NASA website you can view daily satellite images going back to May 2012. The current day’s image is usually available by the evening. Unfortunately, for trip and holiday planning purposes, you can’t choose a date in the future …
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/P2jZ5i , 26th August, 2016


Yellow is the Colour …
Checking out the coastal area around Montaña Amarilla, Yellow Mountain, we can confirm the mountain lives up to it’s name!  We can also confirm that we now know what a sea slug looks like … close up and personal …  😄
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/1DJ1H7 , 23rd August, 2016







Sea Crossing Required!
Recently we checked out the set-up at Amarilla Golf and I hit a few balls on the practice range. We then investigated the coastal paths, coves and pebble beaches in the area. This is the ever so slightly challenging “signature” 5th hole on the golf course. A segment of the Atlantic Ocean requires crossing to attain a postage-stamp raised green on two levels! I think a few more baskets of balls require to be hit on the practice range before I give this one a go …!  😄
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/fN94Xv , 18th August, 2016



The Fertile Valley

At our (it turns out) temporary home in the Orotava Valley … the hotter it gets, the more we water … the more the stuff grows!? And as for the losing battle with the bougainvillea ….
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/Z5F6bQ , 19th August, 2016






Romería de San Roque – Garachico
One of the island’s biggest rural festivals, held a few days ago in Garachico. Although these parades and celebrations still have a core element of religious imagery, they seem to be more about remembering and respecting the old rural culture and way of life. Oh, and lots of local wine, grilled goat’s meat, potatoes and gofio cakes help to make the atmosphere full of fun and friendship …
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/4eNaNH , 18th August, 2016



A Nice Surprise!
The very large cactus plant that grows over our garden wall has, out of nowhere, just produced a profusion of these beautiful flowers. I had been concerned that I might have been over-watering it, but it seems healthy enough …!
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/isYnND , 16th August, 2016




Shimmering Sunshine …
Early morning sunshine and sea, and a later walk over some volcanic cones  just inland, in El Sur …
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/lVOBeo , 14th August, 2016







Going Down to the Sea ….
I can’t quite believe how stunning the Atlantic ocean is here [Costa del Silencio]. Think I might have a touch of sea-fever …!  [A]
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/zdTzV9 , 13th August, 2016






Pilgrims Progress Prohibited
Three of the main mountain and forest routes taken by pilgrims walking to Candelaria this weekend have been prohibited due to the risk of fire …!
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/Ut30tc , 12th August, 2016




An Island of Contrasts
Back in Silencio in the south for a couple of days. A very different landscape from the green north but beautiful, too, in a different way …  
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/FFAHw8 , 12th August, 2016





High Heat
There is a yellow warning for high temperatures on Tenerife today, although a return to slightly cooler summer norms is expected for the weekend …
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/R0jjEB , 10th August, 2016







La Palma Burns
Late last night the La Palma blaze crossed over the mountain ridge into the more densely populated areas that the emergency services had been trying to protect. Then, though, the high winds dropped and everything changed. Now everyone hopes that things are under control. This
evening the heat has abated a little and, while there is a further weather alert tomorrow in La Palma and Tenerife, it’s “just” a yellow alert for temperatures to 34 degrees C… Thankfully, we’ll not quite reach that where we are …
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/6Qg65l , 6th August, 2016


Ups and Downs
We have a major temperature inversion scenario playing out across the island, and around us, this morning. Less than 2 km away, and about 150 m higher up the Orotava Valley, the temp is 40°C and R/Humidity is 10%. Here, at 335 m elevation, we are on 24°C and 80% RH.
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/Tv8rBP , 5th August, 2016




Alison’s Doggy Delight
I went to a dog refuge today – K9 in the south – and walked some of the dogs there over a 3 hour period. It was hot, dusty and smelly and I came home filthy. But I loved it … 
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/7KQBzh , 3rd August, 2016









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