(64) Ortíz-Pino Choya-Barranco La Puente Circular (Arico)

Route Summary
A short walk with a moderate overall ascent on mostly good paths in wonderful open country and pine forest. The barranco landscapes are very pleasing on the eye, and the final section in the Barranco La Puente has many interesting rock formations, making it popular with climbers.

Duration: 3 hours.


Route Overview
Duration: 3 hours.
Transport/Parking: If you are prepared to add about 5 km to the walk, start at Villa de Arico. Titsa 111 to San Isidro from Las Americas/Los Cristianos, then 408 to Granadilla, then 35 to Guimar (1.5 hour journey). Parking options by the side of the road at the start of the walk..
Length: 5.360 km / 3.35 mi
Height Gain: 331 meter
Height Loss: 331 meter
Max Height: 1045 meter
Min Height: 775 meter
Surface: Moderate to rough. Some drops in the path on the final section in Barranco La Puente require a little scrambling using your hands.
Child Friendly: Yes, but only only if children are used to energetic hill-walking and can cope with a little scrambling over smooth boulders, in the final section.
Difficulty: Easy to moderate in places.
Dog Friendly: Yes. However, the final section along the bed of Barranco La Puente requires agility and obedience.
Refreshments: We recommend Cafe Geronimo on the main street in Villa de Arico.

The rural area of Ortíz is about 2.5 km above the pleasant and very Canarian little town of Villa de Arico, in the east of Tenerife. It provides access to the Barranco La Puente, whose cliff faces are very popular with rock climbing locals from Tenerife, and visitors from across the world who like to “wrestle rocks”. This is a very enjoyable walk, in “big sky country”, mostly on open hillside and pine forest, dipping in and out of a couple of very scenic barrancos along the way. Features of the walk also include walking alongside open water channels and encountering an example of a large Canarian pine (the “Pino Choya”). The final section snakes along the sometimes very rough bed of Barranco La Puente where it is likely that you will encounter little groups of climbers stretching their bodies to the limit on the low cliffs. The odd bit of scrambling, with hands, that the path demands here, is of fairly low difficulty, and nothing compared to the exertions going on above your head!

Photos from walk
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