Walks – North Tenerife (GPX only)



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Barranco de Masca Linear (download GPX file)
Popular but  challenging gorge route (downhill).
Length: 4.18 km
Surface: Rough with tricky descents in places.
Difficulty: Medium to Hard
Total Ascent: 199 meter
Total Descent: 775 meter
Max Elevation: 611 meter
Min Elevation: 34 meter
San Jose de Los Llanos Circular #1 (download GPX file)
A fairly gentle stroll in the woods.
Length: 5.26 km
Surface: Good forest tracks and roads.
Difficulty: Easy
Total Ascent: 163 meter
Total Descent: 162 meter
Max Elevation: 1229 meter
Min Elevation: 1104 meter
Masca Ridge-Guergues Path Return (download GPX file)
Fantastic views but precipitous in places. Walk can extend further.
Length: 2.07 km
Surface: Rough, exposed and precipitous in places.
Difficulty: Medium to hard
Total Ascent: 157 meter
Total Descent: 159 meter
Max Elevation: 949 meter
Min Elevation: 881 meter
Cruz Grande-Lomo Molino Circular (download GPX file)
Just a short stroll around and about Cruz Grande, part of El Tanque, but with a diversion to the marvellous Lomo Molino viewpoint where there are great views along the North coast from on high.
Length: 2.28 km
Surface: Mostly smooth surfaced roads and pavements.
Difficulty: Easy
Total Ascent: 67 meter
Total Descent: 67 meter
Max Elevation: 655 meter
Min Elevation: 616 meter
Erjos-Ruigomez-Los Llanos Circular (download GPX file)
Mostly on quiet rural roads (Pistas Agricolas) through green and fertile farming country.
Length: 5.9 km
Surface: Smooth paved roads and pavements.
Difficulty: Medium
Total Ascent: 273 meter
Total Descent: 272 meter
Max Elevation: 1120 meter
Min Elevation: 862 meter
Erjos-Tomasche-Partidos Circular (download GPX file)
A steady ascent from Erjos followed by a circuit of Montaña Tomasache with some wonderful views culminating in a visit to the delightful Hotel Rural Partidos. Re-tracing steps on the return leg there are great views down to Erjos and surrounding pine forests and farmland.
Length: 6.45 km
Surface: Rough
Difficulty: Medium
Total Ascent: 288 meter
Total Descent: 288 meter
Max Elevation: 1174 meter
Min Elevation: 994 meter
Tierra del Trigo-Cuevas Negras Return (download GPX file)
Great barranco, mountain and coastal views on this walk to an abandoned hamlet, overgrown with greenery, and nestling in a “lost valley”.
Length: 4.65 km
Surface: Rough
Difficulty: Medium
Total Ascent: 411 meter
Total Descent: 411 meter
Max Elevation: 646 meter
Min Elevation: 480 meter
Erjos-El Mosquero-Erjos Pools Circular (download GPX file)
This walk provides great views from the El Mosquero ridge which overlooks the fertile valley which contains the Erjos Pools.
Length: 4.69 km
Surface: Rough
Difficulty: Medium
Total Ascent: 219 meter
Total Descent: 219 meter
Max Elevation: 1120 meter
Min Elevation: 983 meter
Montañeta-La Pajarera Circular (download GPX file)
An enjoyable walk that starts and finishes in the pretty village of Montañeta, high above Garachico. In Spring the little settlement is almost overgrown with wild flowers! Most of the walk is in mature pine forest, with some very large pine trees, although a number of clearings are passed through along the way, where the old lava, and the vegetation that grows on it, predominates. The focal point of the walk is a viewpoint that gives (we think, as it was in cloud the day we walked) marvellous views across the sea to the island of La Palma. The “Parajero” (aviary/birdcage) of the walk title is a small stone forest building close to the viewpoint.
Length: 5.51 km
Surface: Rough
Difficulty: Medium
Total Ascent: 247 meter
Total Descent: 246 meter
Max Elevation: 1120 meter
Min Elevation: 921 meter
Tierra del Trigo-Cascada Lomo Morin Return (download GPX file)
Outside of water parks there are few waterfalls in Tenerife. The wondrous “Cascada Lomo Morín” at Tierra del Trigo is part of a man-made irrigation system, but is in a stunning natural setting. The first section of this short “there and back” walk in a hugely verdant setting is full of rural charm and interest. The waterfall itself is a splendid sight, and overlooks Los Silos and the North coast from a lofty position.
Length: 2.37 km
Surface: Rough
Difficulty: Medium
Total Ascent: 150 meter
Total Descent: 148 meter
Max Elevation: 550 meter
Min Elevation: 483 meter