(102) Buzanada-Camino Luciano Circular (Arona)

Route Summary
At 5km, with a very manageable overall ascent of 172m, this is a very accessible walk, close to the resorts and residential areas in the S of Tenerife. There are great views of the countryside and many close-by towns, but particularly of the grand and rugged volcanic landscape.

Duration: 2 hours Continue reading “(102) Buzanada-Camino Luciano Circular (Arona)”


(101) Ifonche-Barranco del Agua Circular (Adeje)

Route Summary
A short but satisfying walk from the highland hamlet of Ifonche with exposure to rugged barrancos, pine forest, and rural farm terraces. The mid-section includes a steady ascent of over 200 m through the forest. There is a handy traditional bar/restaurant at the start/end point.

Duration: 2 hours Continue reading “(101) Ifonche-Barranco del Agua Circular (Adeje)”

(100) Valle de Arriba-Vaguada de los Ovejeros Circular (Santiago del Teide)

Route Summary
A relatively strenuous but highly recommended half-day hike in the hills above Valle de Arriba. With lots of rural interest along the way, there are tremendous views of the Teno Mountains and Teide in the first half, later giving way to glimpses of the North of the island.

Duration: 3.5 hours Continue reading “(100) Valle de Arriba-Vaguada de los Ovejeros Circular (Santiago del Teide)”

(99) Granadilla-Ermita Santa Ursula Circular (Granadilla)

Route Summary
A relatively short walk, at just under 5 km, with a moderately strenuous overall ascent of 224 m, that combines interesting historical aspects of the town of Granadilla with the immediately adjoining countryside and pleasant suburbs. Great views in all directions along the way.

Duration: 2 hours Continue reading “(99) Granadilla-Ermita Santa Ursula Circular (Granadilla)”

(98) El Jaral-Las Tres Cruces Circular (Guia de Isora)

Route Summary
Over a short distance there is a reasonably demanding overall ascent of almost 250 m that makes the route feel longer than it is. Wedged between two impressive barrancos, this hike above pretty El Jaral offers fine views in all aspects.

Duration: 2 hours Continue reading “(98) El Jaral-Las Tres Cruces Circular (Guia de Isora)”

(97) Arguayo-Ermita Angel-Las Cabezadas Circular (Santiago del Teide)

Route Summary
Although not long, this route provides marvellous viewpoints on the initial ascent of twin-peaked La Hoya. After visiting a little ermita, the 2nd half of the walk ascends on old lava flows to the pines. The return is notable for the terraced tiers of former farm-land and “eras”.

Duration: 3 hours Continue reading “(97) Arguayo-Ermita Angel-Las Cabezadas Circular (Santiago del Teide)”

(96) La Quinta-Los Llanos Circular (Adeje)

Route Summary
The walk leaves from the church in La Quinta, ascending through the hamlet before branching off into the pine forest. The environment then changes to have a more agricultural aspect, passing farmed terraces as it descends to the old Camino de los Picos on the return leg.

Duration: 1.5 hours Continue reading “(96) La Quinta-Los Llanos Circular (Adeje)”

(95) Cho Pancho-La Cáscara Circular (San Miguel/Vilaflor)

Route Summary
Overall, an undemanding hike that offers variety and closeness to nature over a short distance. At around, 1,100 m above sea level there are opportunities for sweeping views down to the SE coast and upwards to the forests and mountains at the rim of the Teide Caldera.

Duration: 1.75 hours Continue reading “(95) Cho Pancho-La Cáscara Circular (San Miguel/Vilaflor)”

(94) Chirche-Sendero Tagara Circular (Guia de Isora)

Route Summary
This is quite a strenuous half-day excursion in the hills above the SW coast, rewarded by great wide-open views. Initially, the route traverses 8 barrancos on the path to El Jaral. It then ascends steeply, offering more scenic opportunities before dropping back to pretty Chirche.

Duration: 4 hours Continue reading “(94) Chirche-Sendero Tagara Circular (Guia de Isora)”

(93) Las Lajas-Cañada del Sombrero Circular (Adeje/Vilaflor)

Route Summary
A very scenic walk in the pine forest beneath the rim of the Teide Caldera. Roque del Almendro and El Sombrero de Chasna tower above you for significant sections of the route. If you are feeling energetic, there is an optional diversion to the peak of El Sombrero de Chasna.

Duration: 3 hours Continue reading “(93) Las Lajas-Cañada del Sombrero Circular (Adeje/Vilaflor)”

(92) Ifonche-Fuente El Chorrillo Circular (Adeje)

Route Summary
A short but spectacular walk in the very rural and pine-forested Ifonche area. Taking a path under the cliffs on the edge of Barrancos del Infierno and Seco, the route passes through a botanically interesting environment, visits a number of caves and a verdant spring.

Duration: 2.5 hours Continue reading “(92) Ifonche-Fuente El Chorrillo Circular (Adeje)”

(91) Arona-Las Casas-Altavista-La Hondura-Tunéz Circular (Arona)

Route Summary
This is an enjoyable walk in the rural landscape above the historic town of Arona. A fairly steep ascent of 350 m is followed by a level traverse with wonderful views down to the coast. An ancient shrine kicks off a very scenic descent through terraced farmland.

Duration: 3.5 hours Continue reading “(91) Arona-Las Casas-Altavista-La Hondura-Tunéz Circular (Arona)”