(103) La Higuera Ramble (Granadilla)

Route Summary
This is a short walk around the La Higuera area with a moderately strenuous overall ascent of just under 300m. From a pleasant rural landscape, characterised by ochre-coloured dry-stone walls, there are great views of Granadilla and down to the coast.

Duration: 2.25 hours

Route Overview
Duration: 2.25 hours.
Transport/Parking: There is no Titsa bus service to La Higuera. Parking off road at start-point.
Length: 4.390 km / 2.74 mi
Height Gain: 270 meter
Height Loss: 270 meter
Max Height: 874 meter
Min Height: 686 meter
Surface: Rough. However, many parts of the route are on quiet minor tarred roads.
Child Friendly: Yes, but only if children are used to hikes of this distance and overall ascent on rough paths.
Difficulty: Moderate.
Dog Friendly: Yes. On lead in La Higuera and on public roads.
Refreshments: A number of cafe/bar options in Granadilla.

This short walk explores the hamlet of La Higuera and some of the surrounding area, characterised by productive rural terraces and open pines. The ochre coloured dry-stone walls, so familiar in this area, are pleasingly set against a green landscape. There are marvellous views of the town of Granadilla, to the west, and down to the coast, where Montaña Roja and the new Port of Granadilla, with its oil rigs, particularly stand out. The route at first climbs out of the village, soon joining an old camino, and reaching a vantage point at the edge of the pine forest. Returning to the settlement, a route is taken to explore the lower area of the village, finally joining an old path that connects with Las Vegas. Here, there is a good view to be enjoyed of Barranco la Fuente before returning to the start-point.

Photos from walk
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