(104) Mirador Narices del Teide-Easy Tajinaste Trail (National Park)

Route Summary
This easy walk provides an excellent opportunity to see the beautiful Tajinaste Rojo, the flowering plant that is emblematic of Tenerife. There are wonderful mountain views of Teide, Pico Viejo, the Narices del Teide, and the peaks at the western side of the Teide Caldera.

Duration: 2 hours

Route Overview
Duration: 2 hours.
Transport/Parking: No Titsa bus service. Parking at Mirador de las Narices del Teide car-park, at start of walk.
Length: 4.780 km / 2.99 mi
Height Gain: 139 meter
Height Loss: 139 meter
Max Height: 2088 meter
Min Height: 2064 meter
Surface: Rough. This route is partly on rough paths, partly on smoother, but uneven, National Park roads
Child Friendly: Yes, but only if children are used to hikes of this distance and overall ascent on rough paths.
Difficulty: Easy.
Dog Friendly: No. Dogs are not allowed to walk in the National Park area.
Refreshments: Restaurante las Estrellas on TF-38 access road. Parador cafe in National Park. Cafes in Chio.

The route followed on this walk provides an excellent opportunity to view the wonderful Tajinaste Rojo (Echium Wildpretii, or Mount Teide Bugloss) with its myriad of red flowers. It can grow to 3 m in height, and blooms from late spring to early summer in only the highest areas of Tenerife. Mid-May to Mid-June is the optimum time to see the Tajinaste plants in full flower. This is an easy little hike that is suitable for walkers of all abilities. The distance is less than 5 km and you will hardly register the overall ascent of 139 m because of the gentle ups and downs along the way. The walk starts at the Mirador de las Narices del Teide car-park on the TF-38 access road to the National Park from Chio. From there you have the best view of the craters (the “Narices” [nostrils]) on the side of Pico Viejo that erupted in 1798, causing the huge lava field close by. Although there are wonderful mountain views throughout the walk, the mid-point, between Mt Chavao and Mt Cedro, is an excellent viewpoint for Mt Teide, Pico Viejo, Narices del Teide, and the peaks at this western side of the Teide Caldera. Turning in the opposite direction, towards the south-western coast you are looking down the pine-forested Boca Chavao ravine. Often you will see the “Mar de Nubes” (sea of clouds) below you. Optionally, the walk may be extended, as far as the Juan Evora Ethnographic Museum at Boca Tauce, if desired (see information at Waypoint 4).

Photos from walk
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