Walks Blog – Sep 2016

New Cover Photo
J updated his cover photo …
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Friends Across the Sea
2What goes around, comes around. This piece (in Spanish) looks back at the period between 1948 and 1952 when over 120 boats carrying upwards of 12,000 Canarians landed illegally in Venezuela … the desperately poor people aboard seeking a better life there … Venezuela is nowadays often referred to here as the “8th island” (of the Canaries) …
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No Sunday Roasts Here…!
We found yet another lovely little place on the island today – Tajao, a fishing village on the east coast. As we headed away, the fish restaurants were filling up with Canarians getting ready to enjoy an extended Sunday lunch with family and friends …   
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/Yfk0Sy , 25th September, 2016

Infernal Affairs
It’s about 25 years since I first walked the fantastically spectacular Barranco del Infierno route from Adeje. Today, it is a highly controlled and regulated process involving pre-booking, payment, limits on numbers, staggered start times, and inspection of appropriate footwear. Helmets, too, are now de-riguer. There was none of that way back then, of course!   The 7 km walk is no dawdle, it takes around 3 hours and involves an ascent of 460m, but with all the ups and downs, the overall height gain is over 1,000m …

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Stunning Backdrop
Adeje looking lovely today. This town has such a stunning mountain backdrop …!  
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A Society Founded on Diversity and Respect for All …
Strolling back down the hill from our Barranco del Infierno walk today in Adeje (not to be confused with Costa Adeje) we were reminded what a very pleasant town it is, sprinkled with street cafes, bars and restaurants, it seems dedicated to the good things in life. It nicely mixes the old and new Canarias vibe and has a well-cared for and progressive feeling to it, exemplified in this modern plaza dedicated to the late Pedro Gonzalez Zerolo, a lawyer and politician who was brought up in Tenerife and had been described as “Spain’s envoy for change”. He particularly defended and championed equal rights for the LGBT community … 
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Look North
Well, west-ish really … El Teide … and a wee sunset in the north tonight …  
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Rugged and Interesting
This really must be one of the most rugged coastlines in the world. High winds, rough seas and volcanic lava … 
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When Lime Was Key
In times gone by, lime kilns like this one on the outskirts of Arona, played an important part in the working life of the island’s upland agricultural communities. Here, I’m checking out a possible extension to today’s walk … I think Alison was just a little bit relieved it turned out not to be … !
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Home Comforts
So a highlight of today was finding the Iceland shop in Las Chafiras. Here, it’s like walking into Sainsburys back at home. They stock (frozen) smoked haddock, so John’s life here is now complete …   And Cheesey Pasta – previously known as Kraft Dinner – which I last ate, and loved, when my mum made it around about 1985!? So, for sentimental reasons, it had to go into the trolley …  
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High View Houses
The summer heat is just about subsiding enough for us to be able to start walking again so today we headed up to Arona to do the Casas of Altavista (high view, which it sure was….) circular. The 250m ascent was harder than it should have been …  
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Stormy Weather!
J is in the north tonight (watering the garden!). Madam M and I are in the south living this storm. He calls it “passing squalls” … we call it thunder, lightening and torrential rain! 🙀 Although, it doesn’t appear to have put her off her food …  
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Cupboard Love?
She’s at it … as long as she has tuna and her beloved J, she doesn’t care where she is …  
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Bowled Over … By The Heat!
Great idea to try a game of bowls before heading up north this morning…..except that by 10 am it was hitting 30 degrees C with absolutely no breeze …   

Still, J played some great shots. I, on the other hand, seem to be even worse at this than at golf. No matter, I’m way too young for bowls anyway …        P.S. Note the socks #nobowlingshoes
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Vilaflor Welcomes Bikers … Who Come in Peace
Having a quiet beer and papas arrugadas at La Paz Restaurante  … and ZZ Top cruise in ….    
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Mare’s Tails
I think at home skies like these mean a change of weather. Here, I’m not so sure …  
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In The Garden
If Tegueste is the garden of the north, I think Vilaflor must be the garden of the south …   
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/32peBP , 4th September, 2016

A Walkover!
A wee stroll round the enchanting little farming settlement of Vilaflor today, the highest community in Tenerife. It sits at 4,600 ft (higher than Ben Nevis!) and is surrounded by pine forests and agricultural terraces mostly growing vines and potatoes. It’s also base camp for slightly more demanding hikes than ours, today. How about a calf-stretching 11 km up to Mount Guajara at 8,917 ft (arriving just in time for some night sky gazing, maybe, just as Brian May did recently as part of Starmus 2016?), or perhaps a more thigh pumping 67 km yomp over the mountains to La Esperanza on the other side of the island, near La Laguna …?    
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Pretty Puerto
Puerto de la Cruz looking good yesterday … 
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Sunset on the Bay
1Nothing to do with Tenerife, other than they are both special places for me. It’s a long time since my sea-net salmon fishing days here in the 1970’s , but Findhorn, Moray, Scotland still holds a very special hold on me …  [John]  
Facebook post:  , 1st September, 2016









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