(107) El Molledo-Degollada del Roque Circular (Santiago del Teide)

Route Summary
At around 300 m overall ascent, there is a fair bit of up and down on this walk on rocky old caminos. The distance is short, however, and the scenic value is absolutely top notch, with spectacular panoramas at every turn on the track. Highly recommended!

Duration: 2 hours


Route Overview
Duration: 2 hours.
Transport/Parking: Titsa 461/462 from Los Gigantes/Puerto Santiago. Easy parking in El Molledo near start of walk.
Length: 4.540 km / 2.84 mi
Height Gain: 297 meter
Height Loss: 297 meter
Max Height: 879 meter
Min Height: 701 meter
Surface: Rough old caminos, mostly
Child Friendly: Yes, but only if children are used to hikes of this distance and overall ascent on very rough paths.
Difficulty: Medium.
Dog Friendly: Yes. On lead in El Molledo.
Refreshments: Cafes in Santiago del Teide or Tamaimo.

We think this short walk offers the highest “wow factor” per kilometre of any of our walks in the south-western area of Tenerife. El Molledo is perched high on a very scenic valley descending from Santiago del Teide to the sea-front at Puerto Santiago. The initial vista, between rocky hillsides, over fertile farmed plots and terraces down to a shimmering blue sea is very satisfying. The middle section of the walk, traversing on a fairly level path across the hillside, offers great views of the valley below, the villages of El Retamar, El Molledo and Las Manchas, Montañas La Hoya and Bilma and, above all, Pico Teide and Pico Viejo. In the stretch towards the Degollada del Roque, a saddle between peaks on the southern edge of the Teno Mountain range, the views move up a gear. Here, your immediate outlook is dominated by spectacular images of the distinctive Risco Blanco rock formation and the stunning Barranco Mancha de los Díaz as it dives towards the ocean below, framing the island of La Gomera. Looking inland, to the North, the landscape is just as impressive as your eyes are drawn towards the towering peak of Montaña Cruz de Gala. Moving on and down from here, great views unfold, below, of Tamaimo, with the rocky mass of La Hoya, above, hosting the El Bicho tunnels on the extended TF-1.

Photos from walk
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