Walks Blog – Mar 2017


Nightcap in Las Galletas
Possibly the best Barraquito so far …  
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/g2Yb8E , 31st March, 2017









Pretty Little Chirche
Chirche has to be one of the prettiest hill villages on the island … we think …   
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/YDnjp8 , 28th March, 2017







The Optimistic Motorcyclist
At 5 hours and 15 minutes, today’s walk was longer than most, although that did include a pit-stop at the Mirador de Chirche, at 900 m high, with its spectacular views of La Gomera and La Palma. However, on the descent we did lose some time helping a disoriented German holiday-maker on a rented trail motorbike. We helped him carry the (heavy !) bike over otherwise impossible rocky drops on the path. Eventually, we assisted him to an exit at Aripe that involved lifting the bike over a large water pipe, then over some large stones! I guess, in the future, he’ll think twice about heading out onto an old mule track on the steep sides of a volcano …
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/3Dt3wN , 28th March, 2017


Wow and Wow Again !
Another wow spectacular walk today. Guia de Isora to Chirche circular. Worth the climb …  

Photos from Walk
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/UIAwnE , 28th March, 2017







Viva El Vino!
No, I’m not checking out if this is a vegetarian guachinche, for Alison, in the quaint little hillside village of Chirche! That would be an unlikely find! The “V” sign (for “Vinoteca” – wine cellar) indicates that not only does this place serve a small menu of traditional Canarian food, in home-cooked style, it also sells local wine, possibly made on the premises …
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/3h4doD , 28th March, 2017




A Sunday Stroll
A nice wee stroll from Playa San Juan along the coast towards the Abama Golf resort today. We had hazy sunshine but the air was very clear so that we could pick up detail on La Gomera and on the mountains above us that you don’t normally see. We could also see the island of La Palma!  A nice wee mojito at the end …    
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/LHFH6f , 26th March, 2017






Pump It Up

On another generally cloudy day, we headed for the West coast of the island and once again found the sun. We explored a paved cliff-top promenade leading up from behind the old lime kiln at the end of the beach in Playa de San Juan. At the end of the pathway, descending a steep set of crumbling steps, we reached the ruined building in the photos. We think it is an old water pumping station. The map and official records indicate that there is a horizontal bore hole, now inactive, called the Galeria de Agua Dulce, in the nearby Barranco de Rabona. It will have tapped underground water which then flowed to this building to be pumped up to irrigate the agricultural terraces above the cliffs.

This sheltered area is one of the driest on the island. Until water could be brought there, it could only sustain tiny fishing communities …
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/1CNeVd , 26th March, 2017





To Tajao and Back
It didn’t look hopeful at the start but “the rain held off” (four words we don’t often say these days!) on our walk today. On the east coast: Las Maretas, La Caleta de Abona, Las Arenas to San Miguel de Tajao, and back. On the way we encountered many weird and wonderful rock formations … see all our photos from today and a previous visit to Tajao here … 



Photos from walk
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/xJjdWr , 25th March, 2017




Rock Geek Alert!
Weird and wonderful rock formations geek alert. I love them! A happy day …  
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Rocky Day For the Routemaster!
We turned back on our walk high above San Eugenio Alto today. The occasional rock scramble I can live with, but full-scale mountaineering I’m not much keen on. I think the route-master had an off-day …  Nice views of our holiday coast though …!  
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/ovkm58 , 21st March, 2017









Slip Sliding Away …
Teetering over the steepest side of the Caldera del Rey crater, under the shadow of the craggy Morro Negro pinnacle, we both looked at each other and knew it was time to back off. The challenging rocky path had just become a little bit too challenging … involving an edgy cramped scramble over jagged boulders, with precipitous shale slopes on both sides, and only the odd prickly cactus to hold onto if feet began to slip’n’slide … !

A lesson learned in terms of (lack of) preparatory map-reading, and trustingly embarking on downloaded GPX trails that lack any description of their difficulty! All the same, we had the compensation of an unfamiliar eagle’s eye view of Puerto Colon in Las Americas during our retreat …
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/H99xm5 , 21st March, 2017







West is Best (Again !)
IMG_6594We tossed a coin today between East and West coasts in an attempt to escape the heavy rain and hail (!) showers swirling around the Canaries this weekend. Luck was on our side (in the West) and we had a dry and mostly sunny walk, and enjoyed a cool beer watching the hang-gliders land, in the hot rays at the beach bar at La Enramada, the mid-point of today’s IMG_6607exercise. In the wild, almost trackless section of our route, called Lomo El Cuchillo, we came across a man and his dog living the “good life” under an over-hanging rock-face, with a set of tidy little beige tents (just visible in the photo), and tiny garden plots. You never can tell …


Photos from walk

Facebook post: https://goo.gl/dx0KqL , 19th March, 2017


Must Have Sea View!
On our walk above La Caleta today we had very different outlooks. In the hills to the north, dark clouds, heavy rain and hail. I kept my eyes on the sunny south coast …  
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West is Best (Today!)
Escaping cloud at home, we enjoyed some fabulous views on the new-ish walkway (as yet unfinished) from Alcala to Punta Blanca on the sheltered (not!) west coast today …   

Photos from walk

Facebook post: https://goo.gl/0EBXuY , 16th March, 2017


Crater Walk
Great views from Montaña Pelada, east of El Medano today. Just about got blown off the top though. Montaña Pelada is a Natural Monument and is a volcanic cone that was created by the process of hydrovolcanism (the interaction of magma from a volcano with a body of water), which created a caldera almost 1 kilometre in diameter.   The area also features a fossil dune …  

Photos from walk

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Kidney Problems! What Kidney Problems?
Moonie says hi from Tenerife. She is happy and healthy still, at 16 years old and believes the sun is good for her. She misses Andrew, Marcia and all at Aurora Vets in Scotland, of course …  
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/3xCsZj , 12th March, 2017





Saving On Razors!
Six days into the new look … the third age …  
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/Otf4nH , 12th March, 2017









Monte Cho Pancho
1What an evocative name! We went “off-piste” just a little at the Monte Cho Pancho recreational area above San Miguel yesterday afternoon.
The site itself was busy with Canarian family barbecues and picnics, but we strayed onto some quiet tracks away from it all to have it 3confirmed to us that Spring has certainly sprung in Tenerife …!  
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Today’s Tick-List!
Sun? Check. 28 degrees C temp? Check. Cooling breeze? Check. Low humidity? Check. Great views? Check. Las Vegas-Pino del Haba circular. Wow, just wow …  
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/vy5VHL , 11th March, 2017









Absolutely Fabulous!
We both immediately agreed on the right word to describe our walk today – fabulous. Maybe it was the cobalt blue sky above us, the swifts dive-bombing us all along the route, or the pines and wild lavender shimmering in the heat and scenting the air all around us. Despite the current heatwave, the flies seem to have taken the day off and the only insects we encountered were honey bees on the flowers of the bugloss, and dragon flies darting along the gushing water irrigation channels. The little hamlet of Las Vegas (literally the “place of the fertile fields”) is a tranquil place (unlike its glitzy cousin in the USA) perched high in the hills beyond Granadilla, and was first colonised by the Spanish for its agricultural importance in the 16th Century. We climbed a couple of hundred metres and more into the open pine forest, in and out of several impressive gorges (barrancos) to reach a lonely goat farm with stunning views up to the mountains.  To cap it all, after the walk, we were surprised and delighted to come upon a pretty little “tasquita” in the village where a couple of “jarras” (large beers) hardly touched the sides …

Photos from walk

Facebook post: https://goo.gl/bAa1BH , 11th March, 2017





Viva Las Vegas!
The wee pueblo of Las Vegas (The Flats or The Plains) is so pretty. And the cold lager served at the local tasquita is the best. Certainly today …!  
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Shimmering Seas at Silencio
Montaña Amarilla and her bay were super-shimmering in the sun this morning …    #lovenature
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/2TlJqm , 11th March, 2017







The Country Comes to Town: Montaña Chayofita
IMG_6255Unusually, yesterday’s walk was an urban hike around the main landmarks in the town of Los Cristianos, just edging into the beginnings of the up-market eastern end of Las Americas. It was hot and sunny and there were lots of things to please the eye along the way – maybe we’ve learned to shut out some of the less pleasing aspects? The highlight of the walk was the steep climb up the little volcanic cone (85 m), Montaña Chayofita, that sits behind the harbour area and the Las Vistas beach. IMG_6263The rough ground was a total contrast to the rest of the walk and the views were tremendous in all directions. Just a pity there was some sand-dust in the air (“Calima”, from Africa) so we couldn’t make out the nearby island of La Gomera …



Photos from walk

Here’s a well-informed blog article about Montaña Chayofita, if you want to know more: https://hughpumphrey.wordpress.com/…/montana-chayofita-a-c…/7
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/RM95nA , 7th March, 2017


Farewell to All That
shrineAt over 3,000 feet above sea-level, the return point on today’s walk from Arona was the simple shrine at La Hondura where we stopped for some fruit and water, and to take in the wide-open views. It marks a place where, during the 1700’s, funeral parties rested on their arduous journey up to the nearest consecrated ground for burial in the village of Vilaflor (4,500 ft). As we found a seat just off the rocky path, our activity disturbed a pair of beautiful Barbary Partidges who scudded off down the hillside in alarm.

barbaryDespite the effort the walk required, we were more than happy with the blue skies above us and the brilliantly coloured wild flowers at our feet. The walk is described by Arona Council as the “Walk of the Farewells”. The “farewells” being 1) farewell to the pine forests and the original Guanche people that were here when the Spanish arrived in the early 1500’s, 2) farewell to the dead whose bodies were carried to Vilaflor in the 1700’s, 3) farewell to the desperately poor farming folk who emigrated from here to South America in the 1900’s, and 4) farewell to more recent farmers who have given up their rural life to work in the tourist industry down at the coast. Interesting … imoque
Photos from walk
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/vYzQ1L , 4th March, 2017conde








Finding Fine Flowers
Spring must be in the air! So many wild flowers on our walk today. Also some not so wild but just as lovely …  
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/W9erMr , 4th March 2017









This Green and Pleasant Land
From our hike above and east of Arona today. If proof were needed that south Tenerife isn’t the desert it is sometimes described as …  
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Awash in Garachico!
Thankfully, these seas were confined to the north of the island, yesterday …  
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/oWX5Jl , 1st March, 2017










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