(62) Guia de Isora-Casa Ramallo-El Jaral Circular (Guia de Isora)

Route Summary
This fairly strenuous walk is described as moderate to hard because of the tricky and demanding section crossing Barranco Ramallo (see walk Description). Otherwise, a fine walk on old paths, with great open views. El Jaral and Guia de Isora are both attractive and interesting places.

Duration: 4.5 hours


Route Overview
Duration: 4.5 hours.
Transport/Parking: Titsa 460 or 417 from Adeje. Parking is available on the main road going through Guia de Isora, below the area of the church at the start of the walk.
Length: 8.290 km / 5.18 mi
Height Gain: 553 meter
Height Loss: 553 meter
Max Height: 908 meter
Min Height: 590 meter
Surface: Rough paths. The section between Waypoints 11 and 12 is very rough and steep requiring some scrambling with hands. Not recommended for children.
Child Friendly: No.
Difficulty: Moderate to hard.
Dog Friendly: Only if agile, calm and obedient.
Refreshments: Bar Central by the church in Guia de Isora is very convenient for a refreshment at the end of the walk. The guachinche “El Ventorrillo El Jaral” in El Jaral is popular, and serves traditional Canarian cuisine.

This is quite a demanding walk following old paths to an abandoned finca at Casa Ramallo, approximately 850 m above sea level. There are superb views from there down to the coast and up to the mountains. The next section, negotiating a steep and precipitous path in and and out of Barranco Ramallo is clearly used by nimble-footed goats, but may not suit all human walkers! Read the information at Waypoints 11 and 12 before embarking on the route. A much gentler alternative route to El Jaral is indicated at Waypoint 7. El Jaral, overlooking the striking Barranco del Achacay, is a tranquil and pretty little place. The return route, joining the standard (SL TF 206) route to/from Guia de Isora, makes for a fairly gentle final section to the walk. The historical centre of Guia de Isora, with many fine old buildings and new information boards, is well worth a stroll around.

Photos from walk
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