Walks Blog – Dec 2017

Feliz Año Nuevo …!




As the sun sets on 2017, to all our Facebook friends and family, wherever you are, very best wishes for good health and happiness in 2018 …  
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/mJW7PX , 31st December, 2017

Walking in Tenerife Sur – Feature Photos from 2017

When we publish information about our walks in the southern area of Tenerife we always choose one “feature” photo to represent the walk. They show a side of “El Sur” in Tenerife that is very accessible from the holiday resorts, but is not always well known or appreciated for its beauty and character. We’ve had tremendous fun doing these walks over the last 12 months or so, and we hope you enjoy looking at these images … http://bit.ly/2CqUWQz Happy New Year | Feliz Año Nuevo   www.walktenerifesur.eu

Facebook post: https://goo.gl/EBw6en , 1st January, 2017


Getting in the Mood …!
Hogmanay starts early on the Canary Islands …  
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/uT2BnK , 31st December, 2017















Walk (75) Las Vegas-Lomo Grande-Barranco Geñiga Circular (Granadilla)
The area around the picture-postcard hamlet of Las Vegas, near Granadilla, is wonderful for walking – amongst rural terraces, open pine forest and rugged barrancos. There are great views down to the coast and up to the high hills … 
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/h5MoJR , 30th December, 2017







Atlantic Rollers!
Wild seas and windswept coastlines in the beautiful and rugged north west today …  
Facebook post: http://bit.ly/2EeKObM , 29th December, 2017







An Old Friend in the North …
We revisited a favourite place on the north-west coast of the island today. After a walk along the rocky shoreline to take in some mighty Atlantic rollers, we had a pleasant little stroll around the old plaza … 
Facebook post: http://bit.ly/2pXV0lS , 29th December, 2017







Lift Your Eyes …!
Some of my favourite images, charting the progress of yesterday’s hike in the sunny wide-open spaces of Granadilla de Abona …. 
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/woY5yM , 28th December, 2017







Viva Las Vegas!
The best Las Vegas in the world for me … 
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/fBM73m , 27th December, 2017







Great to be in Granadilla Again …!
There are so many great places to walk on this island but Granadilla de Abona municipality, with its 360 degrees views, has to be a favourite for us. It certainly lived up to expectations today …  
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/wkju1G , 27th December, 2017








South Sea Oil …!
It was interesting to see oil rigs berthed in the new port of Granadilla as we walked high above them today. We felt very at home …!  
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/Pfhd3B , 27th December, 2017








Walk (74) La Hoya-Hoya Grande-Tijoco Bajo Circular (Adeje)
The connected villages of La Hoya, Hoya Grande and Tijoco Bajo in the Adeje municipality seem modest everyday Canarian residential communities, but there is always something to catch your eye when you take a slow stroll around a place … 
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/71XKHx , 26th December, 2017







Hot Dinner Date …!
Despite cool(ish) temperatures overnight, the sun’s rays are still hot, and many people are spending Xmas Day on the beach, here. We’ve opted for a traditional home-cooked Xmas dinner, traditional home-cooked Canarian vegetarian tapas Xmas dinner, that is … 
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/PSsUGw , 25th December, 2017








Precious New Kit …!
Who needs diamonds when you can have a new rucksack …    You know me well, John Mackenzie 
Facebook Post: https://goo.gl/M2KZXz , 25th December, 2017






Feliz Navidad …!
To all our Facebook friends and family, wherever you are, we wish you a very Happy Christmas. Feliz Navidad …  
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/dVNCxD , 23rd December, 2017








Adeje Pueblo
Adeje town was sparkling and bright when we visited last night. A lovely pueblo with a lovely vibe …  
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/9XiH7c , 23rd December, 2017







Feliz Cumpleaños!
Just catching the last rays of the setting sun before heading out for a curry and some foot-stomping live music … and who’s that hot rock chic on my arm? My very own birthday girl! Feliz Cumpleaños, Alison … 🍷❤️
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/ny2rjZ , 21st December, 2017







Walk (073) Arguayo-La Hoya Circular (Santiago del Teide)
Given clear conditions, walking in Tenerife is almost sure to provide good views along the way. The route for this walk is especially characterised by marvellous views throughout, culminating in a fantastic 360° panorama from the summit of the La Hoya mountain … 
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/8AhxaU , 21st December, 2017







Weather Watchers …
We quickly changed our plans to go walking on the east side of the island today when the forecast suggested cloud would sweep down over the hills from the north-east as the day progressed. Sure enough we escaped the advancing cloud in the west until very nearly the end of our walk up, down, and around Montaña La Hoya. As expected, the route provided fantastic views in all directions. Here’s some of my favourites … 
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/sPB6eN , 19th December, 2017


Welcome Signs of New Growth …
Lovely to see definite signs of Spring (or Winter in this case!) near Santiago del Teide today …  
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/ybjzmT , 19th December, 2017








Green Hills …
Walking from Arguayo today it was good to see more green than in the same area four weeks ago.   More rain much needed, though …
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/55p175 , 19th December, 2017







Walk (72) Vilaflor-Lomo de Topo Negro Circular (Vilaflor)
Walking from the wonderful town of Vilaflor. Beautiful buildings, clear skies, fragrant flowers, fertile terraces, pretty pines, historic paths, rugged ravines, high hills, faraway views … what’s not to love … ❤️ 
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/65W1fp , 18th December, 2017







Ambling Around Adeje
We had a nice stroll around the town of Adeje this afternoon, which is always a pleasure, even on a cloudy day! We decided we’ll come back after dark sometime soon to experience the Christmas lights, especially around the old church and convent by the plaza, and down the “Ramblas” … 
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/8nNCWV , 17th December, 2017








Passing Clouds!
It was “fleece off…..fleece on……fleece off again” kind of weather when we were walking above Vilaflor today …  
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/mTKf8g , 15th December, 2017







In Touch with Nature …
Busy wood-peckers so close we could almost touch them, canary birds singing, clean fresh air, a riot of colours, wow-spectacular views and an entertaining chat with some German walkers. A great hike …  
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/QTviDv , 15th December, 2017






Sunny Santas …!
The santa crew’s first PSJ sunset … 
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/RpDCT8 , 15th December, 2017






Walk (71) Taucho-Barranco de Yé-Tijoco Alto Circular (Adeje)
This fairly strenuous half-day walk starts and finishes in the delightful village of Taucho at almost 900 m above sea level, and ascends to almost 1,150 m in the pine woods above Tijoco Alto. There are a variety of attractive environments to enjoy – village gardens and old houses, vineyards, rural terraces, rugged barrancos and shimmering, aromatic pine forest … 
Facebook post:  , 13th December, 2017







Pretty Little Taucho!
The wee village of Taucho was the start and end point for our walk yesterday. How pretty it is …  
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/9t331b , 12th December, 2017







Finding a Way …!
We found ourselves retracing our steps more than once on our hike yesterday. Lost? No, not lost, never…. 10 kilometres and 500 metres up and down later, we had a route. With stunning views along the way …  
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/oP43s6 , 12th December, 2017







A Busy Day …!
An early start to the day, a whistle-stop tour of hotels in tourist city, a “late” finish followed by a nice easy hike in the north. Next stop, a curry and a wee glass of red … 
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/4PUhqC , 9th December, 2017







Glimpses of a Different Era …
On almost all our rural walks in the south of Tenerife we come across abandoned stone-built threshing circles (called “eras”) but never any signs that grain crops are still grown. It took an “out of zone” walk in the north of the island earlier this week to discover our first little field of winter barley (or similar), and evidence of other terraces still used for that purpose. On today’s walk (again in “The North”, but only just!) we not only came across a couple of eras but also what we think may have been an early mechanical threshing machine, now adorning a roundabout … 
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/oAGhsr , 9th December, 2017



Walk (70) Granadilla-Sobre La Fuente-Cruz de Tea Circular (Granadilla)
This is a moderately strenuous walk that includes an interesting variety of environments: the historical centres of Granadilla and Cruz de Tea; an old stone paved camino leading to an ancient spring tied to the origins of Granadilla; the little hamlet of Sobre La Fuente; ascending layers of terraced farmland; and, open pine forest … 
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/e7VHKp , 7th December, 2017



Green is the Colour …!

A walk in the north today, through Erjos, Ruigomez and San Jose de Los Llanos, provided a much appreciated shot of green, fertile landscapes …  
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/9fRMq4 , 7th December, 2017







A Taste of Winter!
Some more from today in the North. As we headed high up to a chilly San Jose de los Llanos it became clear we had narrowly missed a shower of hailstones. In December, who would have thought …  
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/eNtyei , 6th December, 2017







Changed Days …?
Alison’s much-missed Dad started his working life in the late 1930’s working the heavy Aberdeenshire loam behind a plough and a pair of Clydesdale horses. I wonder what Dod Ewen would have made of the “dreels” being ploughed by man and mule this morning near San Jose de los Llanos …? 
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/db81Lu , 6th December, 2017






These Boots are Made for Walking …!
After a wee break it was back on with the walking boots today for a great walk near Cruz de Tea, Granadilla. The legs were definitely feeling it …  
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/3cgctv , 4th December, 2017







Next Time …
There are so many lovely places to show friends and family when they visit the island. Starting our walk today in Granadilla’s beautiful historical centre, I wished we’d had time to get here, too, last week. Next time, you guys …  
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/kFTDJ5 , 4th December, 2017








Good Travel …
On today’s fine walk amongst the terraces and pine trees above Granadilla de Abona, these bright and progressive messages on the walls of the little school – “Nuestra Señora del Buen Viaje” (literally, “Our Lady of Good Travel”) in Cruz de Tea, caught our eyes … good travels for us indeed …! 
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/iLx5XG , 4th December, 2017







December Blooms …
Some colourful flowers snapped along the way today … 
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/mdz9Sg , 2nd December, 2017







At Alcaravan Mirador
A lazy day by the beach for our visitors today … apart from a wee climb up to the Alcaravan sculpture that is … 
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/56puQj , 2nd December, 2017












Wise Words …!
Warning!!! Tapas and beer … your clothes shrink!!!!    [Karen Ewen]
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/HDnNPu , 1st December, 2017








Day Tripping …!
Another lovely trip today; different heights, weather and temperatures …    [Karen Ewen]
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/9b8aZ4 , 1st December, 2017









Micro Climates …
We encountered different scenes – and weather – as we toured Guia de Isora municipality today.  Cloud and 19C high up in Chirche and Chio. Full-on sun and 26C on the coast at Alcala …  
Facebook post: https://goo.gl/BM2smA , 1st December, 2017


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