(92) Ifonche-Fuente El Chorrillo Circular (Adeje)

Route Summary
A short but spectacular walk in the very rural and pine-forested Ifonche area. Taking a path under the cliffs on the edge of Barrancos del Infierno and Seco, the route passes through a botanically interesting environment, visits a number of caves and a verdant spring.

Duration: 2.5 hours


Route Overview
Duration: 2.5 hours.
Transport/Parking: There is no Titsa bus service to Ifonche. Park on the verge of the road leading uphill from Bar/Restaurante El Dornajo.
Length: 4.570 km / 2.86 mi
Height Gain: 271 meter
Height Loss: 271 meter
Max Height: 1060 meter
Min Height: 941 meter
Surface: Rough. The path is narrow and a little precipitous in places.
Child Friendly: Yes, but only if children are used to hikes of this distance and overall ascent on rough paths. Note also that the path is narrow and a little precipitous in places.
Difficulty: Moderate.
Dog Friendly: Yes.
Refreshments: Bar/Restaurante El Dornajo in Ifonche.

This short walk offers botanical and environmental interest alongside some of the most spectacular views that can be experienced in the south of Tenerife. Initially, the route deviates from the standard path from Ifonche to La Quinta to take a slightly higher route through the pine trees. Descending to the side of the Barranco del Infierno near the threshing circle (era) and finca at Benítez, the views are stupendous. From here the path descends to a shaded and verdant area under a steep cliff with the opportunity to spot plants and flowers, such as the Canary Bellflower, not often seen in the south and west of Tenerife. Crossing a saddle to enter the Barranco Seco there is the opportunity to visit a number of caves including one apparently occupied by a large family within living memory. The focal point on the route is the Fuente de Chorrillo, a spring that drips and trickles from the cliff wall near the top of the deep and precipitous Barranco Seco. Here, mint, rushes and other water-loving plants can be found. In this area, the views of the rugged barranco, and to the southern resorts at the coast are breath-taking. Note that the path is narrow and a little precipitous in a couple of places.

Thanks to Sally Whymark, author of “Tenerife Nature Walks”, for the route description that gave us the idea for the walk. This walk (#92 in our series) can be combined with our Walk #50 to approximate to the longer route described by Sally.

Photos from walk
Download Route Guide  (PDF with illustrated Waypoints)
Download GPX file  (GPS Exchange Format)
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