(20) Las Vegas – El Seco Circular (Granadilla)

Route Summary
This walk is wonderfully scenic with close-up views of rocky barrancos, open pine forest all around, and a glorious backdrop of the high mountains surrounding the Teide caldera. There are a number of interesting information boards along the route.
Duration: 3.5 hours.

Route Overview
Duration: 3.5 hours
Transport/Parking: There is no direct bus service. Parking in and around Las Vegas.
Length: 7.790 km / 4.87 mi
Height gain: 417 meter
Height loss: 417 meter
Max Height: 882 meter
Min Height: 637 meter
Surface: Rough
Child Friendly: Yes
Difficulty: Moderate
Dog Friendly: Yes
Refreshments: Excellent Tasquita de Las Vegas.

Despite all the ups and downs in this circular hike, as you climb the hillside above the hamlet of Las Vegas, and weave in and out of a couple of barrancos, it did not appear overly difficult or too arduous to us. The return point, at over 800 metres high, is the lonely and somewhat dilapidated El Seco goat farm which, nonetheless, has exceptional views up to the rugged high points of the Barranco del Rio. The day we walked the route in mid-March we enjoyed a cobalt blue sky above us, swifts dive-bombed around us all along the route, and the pines and wild lavender shimmered in the heat, scenting the air. The flies seemed to have taken the day off, and the only insects we encountered were honey bees on the flowers of the bugloss, and dragon flies darting along the many gushing water irrigation channels. The little hamlet of Las Vegas (literally the “place of the fertile fields”) is a tranquil location (unlike its glitzy cousin in the USA) perched high in the hills beyond Granadilla, and was first colonised by the Spanish for its agricultural importance in the 16th Century. To cap it all, after the walk, we were surprised and delighted to come upon a pretty little “tasquita” in the village where we enjoyed a very welcome refreshment, on a very hot day.

Photos from walk
Download GPX file (GPS Exchange Format)
Download Route Guide PDF (with illustrated Waypoints)
Access Walk on Viewranger
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