Walks – Granadilla and Arico Areas

  • (10) Poris to Punta de Abona Lighthouse (Arico) - Route Summary A short coastal walk from Poris to the lighthouse at Punta de Abona. Duration: 2 to 2.5 hours.
  • (12) Montana Roja Circular (Granadilla) - Route Summary A short but energetic walk from La Tejita beach to the peak of Montana Roja. Lots of fresh air and great views! Duration: About 2 hours.
  • (13) Arico Nuevo-La Sabinita Circular (Arico) - Route Summary From the old-world charm of Arico Nuevo through a landscape of golden stone, rural terraces, and wild barrancos. This walk has so much going for it! Duration: 2.5 to 3 hours.
  • (20) Las Vegas – El Seco Circular (Granadilla) - This walk is wonderfully scenic with close-up views of rocky barrancos, open pine forest all around, and a glorious backdrop of the high mountains surrounding the Teide caldera. There are a number of interesting information boards along the route.
  • (21) Montaña Pelada Crater Walk (Granadilla) - Montaña Pelada has a commanding position over the coast to the east of El Médano. It is a "Natural Monument" and contains a visually impressive, very large and shallow crater, almost 1 km in diameter.
  • (24) Las Maretas – Tajao Return (Arico) - Pick a sunny day to see these seaside villages and the amazing rock formations all along the route at their best. This is an easy walk along the coastline to San Miguel de Tajao, and back. Tajao has a pretty bay and tidy harbour with an active fishing fleet.
  • (27) Arico Viejo-Lomo De Tamadaya Circular (Arico) - After a steady ascent through the villages of La Degollada and La Sabinita, and past numerous agricultural terraces and plots you emerge into wonderfully wild countryside around the Barranco of Tamadaya. On a clear day, there are great views on all sides, up to the mountains and down to the coast near Poris de Abona.
  • (32) Granadilla-Las Palomas Circular (Granadilla) - This is a very pretty and engaging walk that takes in three different environments. It provides an introduction to the old town of Granadilla, then the terraced rural landscape below the town, and, at the lowest point on the walk we experience the completely wild environment of Barranco Afife.
  • (38) Granadilla-San Miguel Linear (Granadilla) - This is a downhill linear walk on the ancient “camino real” (royal road) connecting Granadilla and San Miguel. Wide open views are a feature of the route and there are some interesting places to check out along the way.
  • (49) Charco del Pino-El Frontón-Bco Orchilla Circular (Granadilla) - A moderate hike in an interesting and scenic environment, this walk provides a range of differing perspectives on rural life in the hills above the southern coastal resorts, and glimpses of the surrounding wild natural landscape.
  • (53) Tajao-Barranco de Vijigua (Arico) - This short walk is based in the pleasant fishing village of Tajao, set within striking and unusual rock formations between El Medano and La Jaca on the east coast. At a mid-point in the walk there is a very large and evocative stone arch. Tremendous coastal views.
  • (55) Villa de Arico-Teguedite Circular (Arico) - A short circular walk from the interesting old town of Villa de Arico on an old Camino Real and on minor roads. It provides an intimate experience of rural activity around an old Canarian hill town. Great views of wide-open landscapes too.
  • (59) Las Vegas-Pino del Haba-El Seco Circular (Granadilla) - Leaving the pretty village of Las Vegas this walk first follows the old Camino de Las Vegas, then a rough rural road to an old water mill. Crossing a hugely scenic barranco we encounter a partly ruined goat farm at El Seco where there are spectacular views of the Barranco del Rio, before a very pleasant return through open pines and terraces.
  • (64) Ortíz-Pino Choya-Barranco La Puente Circular (Arico) - A short walk with a moderate overall ascent on mostly good paths in wonderful open country and pine forest. The barranco landscapes are very pleasing on the eye, and the final section in the Barranco La Puente has many interesting rock formations, making it popular with climbers.
  • (70) Granadilla-Sobre La Fuente-Cruz de Tea Circular (Granadilla) - This is a varied walk in rural countryside and pine forest on the outskirts of Granadilla, but also taking in buildings of historical interest in the town, the hamlet of Sobre La Fuente, and Cruz de Tea area. The walk involves moderate effort, with an overall ascent of over 400 m.
  • (75) Las Vegas-Lomo Grande-Barranco Geñiga Circular (Granadilla) - This is a moderate half-day hike, with a very manageable overall ascent of 345 metres. Taking in the lovely village of Las Vegas (with many old buildings), rural terraces, ravines (barrancos) and pine forest, you are guaranteed a variety of walking environments.
  • (78) La Jaca-La Listada-Abades Return (Arico) - On a bright day there are great coastal and mountain views on this “there and back” route from little known east-coast settlement of La Jaca to the popular seaside town of Abades. The paths can be very rough and the steep ups and downs, in places, are a test of stamina.
  • (82) El Rio-Presa del Rio Circular (Arico) - The walk starts and ends in El Rio which enjoys a great vantage point over the east coast. The focal point of the walk is the “Presa del Rio”, an apparently unused dam in the scenic Barranco del Rio. The descent to the dam may not suit all walkers but an alternative is suggested.