Walks – Arona, San Miguel and Vilaflor Areas

  • (01) Casas de Altavista Circular (Arona) - A short circular route from the main Plaza in Arona, with a steep ascent on a rocky path to a set of old rural houses, typical of the area. Great views of the surrounding countryside and nearby mountains.
  • (02) Silencio to Amarilla Golf Circular (Arona) - A short circular coastal walk along the rocky coastline between Costa del Silencio and Amarilla Golf with an ascent of Montana Amarilla in the final section.
  • (03) Casa del Ancon Circular (Arona) - This short circular walk from Arona is very scenic, with reminders of rural life in previous times.
  • (05) Barranco de Chijas Return (Arona) - This short, there and back, walk into the depths of Barranco de Chijas from Valle de San Lorenzo provides a fascinating insight into the traditional means of supplying water to the island. Some rough rock scrambling involved.
  • (08) Palm-Mar-Malpais-Punta de Rasca Circular (Arona) - Route Summary An interesting walk into the Malpais of Rasca reaching the Rasca lighthouse before returning along the coastal path. Duration: 3 to 3.5 hours
  • (11) San Miguel to Caserio de la Hoya Circular (San Miguel) - Route Summary An informative and scenic walk back in time from San Miguel to below El Roque, overlooking the south coast. Duration: About 2.5 hours.
  • (15) The Heights of Montaña Guaza (Arona) - Route Summary A stiff climb is required to reach the 400+ m high summit of Montana Guaza. Certainly not a stroll in the park, but the rewards for those who stay the distance are spectacular views in all directions, especially towards the hills. Duration: 3 hours (+/-)
  • (17) La Camella-Chayofa-Jungle Park Circular (Arona) - A walk above the main southern resorts, from La Camella, dropping to La Chayofa, then ascending to above Jungle Park before returning. Great views to Los Cristianos and Las Americas.
  • (18) Arona-Tunez-La Hondura Circular (Arona) - The walk provides insights into rural life in the Arona area, past and present. An interesting, invigorating, and very scenic hike in the hills above Arona.
  • (19) Los Cristianos-Montaña Chayofita Circular (Arona) - Route Summary A tremendous town walk around Los Cristianos, with the added bonus of ascending little Montaña Chayofita, giving great all-around views of the mountains behind, and the coastline and holiday cities of Los Cristianos/ Las Americas/ Costa Adeje. Duration: 3 hours.
  • (26) Cabo Blanco – La Camella Circular (Arona) - This circular walk provides an interesting and enjoyable contrast between the streets of Cabo Blanco and La Camella, and the wild countryside surrounding Roque Higara and Roque Chijafe.
  • (28) Las Galletas-Punta Salema-El Fraile Circular (Arona) - A fine coastal walk to the most southern point on Tenerife with an interesting diversion to the town of El Fraile, and a great opportunity to get to appreciate the many attractions of Las Galletas.
  • (30) Old Vilaflor Town-Pino Enano Circular (Vilaflor) - This walk captures the essence of the delightful and historic small town of Vilaflor. In the first section of the walk, leaving the San Pedro church in the historic centre of the old town, we take a hike into the pines above the town to a stunning viewpoint where the highly unusual Pino Enano (dwarf pine) is found, clinging to life on a rocky outcrop.
  • (33) Aldea Blanca-La Hoya Circular (Arona) - There are some amazing views of the stirring volcanic landscape of the Arona area, and beyond. Following an old Camino Real, you will obtain an insight into agricultural practices, old and new. At the mid-point in the walk you will pass the fascinating and beautiful spring (Fuente) underneath the settlement at La Hoya.
  • (34) Amarilla Golf-Los Erales-Guargacho Circular (San Miguel) - This route from Amarilla Golf is mostly on open ground with good views. The walk starts and finishes amidst green fairways before entering a wild landscape with eroded rock formations and volcanic cones. A diversion to Guargacho, and a visit to the beach are included in this very varied walk.
  • (49) Charco del Pino-El Frontón-Bco Orchilla Circular (Granadilla) - A moderate hike in an interesting and scenic environment, this walk provides a range of differing perspectives on rural life in the hills above the southern coastal resorts, and glimpses of the surrounding wild natural landscape.
  • (66) Las Casas-Degollada del Roque Imoque Circular (Arona/Adeje) - This walk, encircling the imposing pinnacle of Roque Imoque, near Ifonche, has some very special views. There is a constant, gradual ascent to the turning point overlooking Barranco Fañabe at 977 m high. Echoes of rural life from times gone by are everywhere along the route.
  • (67) Vilaflor-Pista Trevejos-Montana La Vica Circular (Vilaflor) - Explore the historic centre of Vilaflor, the highest settlement in Tenerife, and experience the unique terraced farmland and pine forest environment high above the south-eastern coast of the island. There are also great views up towards the peaks near the rim of the Teide crater.