(97) Arguayo-Ermita Angel-Las Cabezadas Circular (Santiago del Teide)

Route Summary
Although not long, this route provides marvellous viewpoints on the initial ascent of twin-peaked La Hoya. After visiting a little ermita, the 2nd half of the walk ascends on old lava flows to the pines. The return is notable for the terraced tiers of former farm-land and “eras”.

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(73) Arguayo-La Hoya Circular (Santiago del Teide)

Route Summary
This 6.6 km walk, with 487 m overall ascent, circles the rocky mass of Montaña La Hoya, its comms masts providing a compelling landmark over the west coast, and its El Bicho tunnels providing a gateway to the north. Always, the views to every side are absolutely tremendous.

Duration: 3 hours Continue reading “(73) Arguayo-La Hoya Circular (Santiago del Teide)”