(47) Playa Paraiso-El Puertito Circular (Adeje)

Route Summary
A short coastal walk to the popular and pretty secluded hamlet of Puertito on Costa Adeje. The return route passes by the colourful Bahia Principe hotel and Dzamling Gar Tibetan yoga centre. Some fine views in all directions.

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(44) Playa Paraiso-Callao Salvaje Return (Adeje)

Route Summary
A short and enjoyable return walk along the pretty coast between Playa Paraiso and Callao Salvaje. A good choice for a relaxed Sunday stroll, or when hot weather dictates that a sea breeze is called for.

Duration: 2 hours Continue reading “(44) Playa Paraiso-Callao Salvaje Return (Adeje)”

(31) Callao Salvaje-Punta del Cangrejo Circular (Adeje)

Route Summary
A moderately demanding, calf-stretching circular coastal hike with some interesting sights and great views along the way, alongside an appreciation of the industries that have often been abandoned in the south of Tenerife in the wake of mass tourism.

Duration: 4.5 hours Continue reading “(31) Callao Salvaje-Punta del Cangrejo Circular (Adeje)”

(29) Tijoco Bajo-Vera de Erques Circular (Adeje/ Guia de Isora)

Route Summary
A tough but rewarding walk up the edge of the wild and wonderful Barranco de Erques to the charming village of Vera de Erques, then back to the tidy little Canarian settlement of Tijico Bajo.
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(23) Lomo El Cuchillo-Enramada-Virgen Camino Circular (Adeje)

Route Summary
There are three strands to this enjoyable walk: 1) history and religion in the south of Tenerife, 2) a wild and wonderful volcanic landscape, 3) modern beach and holiday culture at the western end of Costa Adeje.

Duration: 2.5 hours. Continue reading “(23) Lomo El Cuchillo-Enramada-Virgen Camino Circular (Adeje)”

(16) La Caleta-Enramada-Camino de la Virgen (Adeje)

Route Summary
5-hermita-san-sAn easy walk along part of an historic path connecting La Caleta to Adeje. We also take in La Enramada beach, part of the Costa Adeje promenade and pretty, up-market La Caleta.

Duration: 2 to 3 hours.



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(14) La Caleta to El Puertito Circular (Adeje)

Route Summary
feature-2An energetic coastal walk with more ups and downs than you might think, from fashionable La Caleta to out-of-the-way El Puertito, taking in a couple of iconic golden-sand beaches.

Duration: 3 hours


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(07) Ifonche Cairns Circular (Adeje)

Ifonche Cairns Circular (Adeje)

Route Summary
8-turn-right-hereWalking amongst some beautiful scenery, this trail ascends from Ifonche through open pine forest and takes in a section of the Barranco del Rey before returning to the Ifonche starting point.

Duration: 4 hours
* N.B. This walk is over 10 km! Continue reading “(07) Ifonche Cairns Circular (Adeje)”

(06) Ifonche to Barranco del Infierno Circular (Adeje)

Ifonche to Barranco del Infierno Circular (Adeje)5-barranco-view

Route Summary
A short but scenic walk in the pine forest above Barranco del Infierno.

Duration: About 3 hours.

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(04) La Quinta Circular (Adeje)

Route Summarymainsummary

This delightful short walk ascends gently through open pine forest before dropping to the spectacular Boca del Paso viewpoint high above the main southern holiday resorts.

Duration: About 2 hours.

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